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Employment Opportunities

Barrier Island Ocean Rescue is always looking for the highest caliber applicants to work both seasonally and year round.  


JrBP Lifeguard Starting Pay:  $18.00 per Hour
Lifeguard Starting Pay:
$20.00 per Hour

Lifeguard+EMT Starting Pay:
$21.75 per Hour

  • Full Time Summer Openings
  • Competitive Pay
  • Flexible Hours
Job Overview

Barrier Island Ocean Rescue is currently seeking applicants interested in a Beach Patrol/Lifeguard position in the Kiawah-Seabrook Island area near Charleston, SC. Applicants should possess a high level of physical fitness and have a high degree of comfort in the open water environment. Employees will be trained to operate vehicles and ATV's on the beach, personal watercraft in surf conditions for rescue purposes, as well as other training in specialized rescue equipment and medical skills. Beach Patrol/Lifeguarding is a rewarding profession that not only provides you with a platform to launch into health care, law enforcement, and public service - it also is a great way to spend a summer on the beach!



Employment Requirements

Prior to an independent duty assignment, each applicant shall possess:

  • ​CPR/AED and First Aid for the Professional Rescuer or Healthcare Provider

  • Complete USLA Preseason Training

  • Current South Carolina Driver's License

  • A clean criminal history

  • Pass a drug screening

Pre-Employment Physical Testing

Prior to employment, each applicant must demonstrate the ability to:

  • Swim 550 yards in under 10 minutes

  • Run 1 mile in under 8 minutes

  • Make water entries

  • Perform agilities as required

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